My third adventure: Uphill                                                                       click to enlarge 


Aprat from the fact, that you speak of miles inestead of kilometres while you are on water, and that you are driving uphill and downhill, the natives really seem tob e people like you and me!
RHINE! I know, many of you are waiting for this. Drop a mouse into a lion's cage… a picture like this it must have been when I met the Rhine River on the late morning of 19th of May. I was frightened this morning, but I tried to look tough, wearing sunglasses and my cap. At Duisburg-Meiderich, where I entered the Rhine, a wide, calm river was awaiting me. I was surrounded by sunbeam. I was nearly disappointed.
I soon realized that this peaceful image was an illusion. At Rhine River there are more steaming ships than have ever been built. Since 12pm it was no longer Andreas Gabriel who was on water, but a guy, who wanted desperately back home to his mother. From the first moment on,
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