My third adventure: Farewell                                                                  click to enlarge 


It was hard for all of us this time. We cried at the bridge and had weird feelings. Nevertheless, my 3.3 hp strong turbine finally took off on this Tuesday at 12 pm. Sabrina and Tina are taking the last pictures, while we are taking off and suddenly we're on the way. I'm tired by all the preparation we had to do during the last weeks, so I don't even start worrying about anything. The first destination is to go away from everybody who is waving goodbye, then towards the Kiel Canal on the Eider River. Though I really had wished for a better start across the North-Sea to Cuxhaven - in a sailing and navigation way. It's the strong east wind that is too mighty. Once the sails are on top for the first time, there's silence around me. No look, no talks. The first few days are very strange. I really don't know where I am in my inner. I'm in a good mood,
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