My third adventure: Departure                                                              click to enlarge 

Well then . . .

No cent, a selfmade vehicle, 13,000 - 15,000 km on waterway, "Europe all around", family - friends - construction - equipment - sponsoring bodies.
Waking up in the middle of the night … thinking it all over again … thousands of times … again and again

What a weight of thoughts!

Right now I'm having a shower one last time and I can't remember the day I enjoyed the feeling of the running warm water in my face ever so much. I'm thinking about my doner kebab barrack, about the old salts at the harbor who meet there daily. The come together to backbite on everything that cannot answer back fast enough and I'm looking at the drain, which is blocked by strands of long hair again. It all seems so familiar. The water keeps running. Wanna know if I'm scared? I trust myself, and the tests on the boat were quite satisfying. I can trust the boat, too.

But yes… I am scared - I've been for weeks:-)

For those of you who would like to join my trip, I try to go online every now and then and give you a short update report. I am looking forward to seeing you on my webpage!

Today it's Monday, 2nd of May. I'm in Tönning harbor.

Bosporus, I'm coming!