My third adventure: Sandbar                                                                     click to enlarge 


The term sandbank is very familiar to me. It has meant water, peace, shelter, shells, childhood and sand between my toes. This changed. In a weird and eerie way, this familiarity in my thoughts got new pictures. From now on, whenever I hear or say "sandbank", my view turns to the horizon, full of cares. Never approach a sandbank too close - you could be lost!

Capreton, 6th June 2013
Those Biskaya stages along the French sandy coast have been heavy on my mind for a long time. It will get hard and thank God I don't know all of it in advance. More than 65 sea miles of thunderous coast until Arcachon are in front of me. There's no chance to rest somewhere. Once you are on tour, you'll have to stay on tourů no matter how! People keep telling me about the high-level of approaching Arcachon and I can feel my worries like a lead weight Christophe and Patrice came to my boat to say goodbye.

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Thumbs up and keep smiling!