My third adventure: Mohacs                                                                     click to enlarge 


A place at Hungary's east frontier. Wind is good; I pass a big yellow building in a Frisian, happy mood. It seems to be an important building, decorated with many flags. It's nice.
Two kilometers later a big ferry crosses my way. I pass it very close to its back. Suddenly there's a voice calling "Small boat, go back!!" I confess, this message confused me a bit. Was this the captain of the ferry? Is he crazy? I want to move on to the Black Sea! I decide bravely to ignore the voice. Damn, no more than five minutes later the border police is hunting me with their speedboat. They were really fast! They shout "Schengen! Go back to the big yellow house!" Well", I thought, "if they want to give me something, I'll go back." I can use anything. I had to sail back four kilometers against the current, just because I had to be stupid J Now I know that both leaving and entering the EU is subject to report. But they
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