My third adventure: Tarifa Harbour                                                          click to enlarge 

Tarifa Harbour

Wednesday, 18th July 2012 / Estepona

"Tarifa Harbour-Tarifa Harbour-Tarifa Harbour-this is NF A 129-NF A 129-NF A 129
... ready for touchdown!!"

At 7 o'clock I'm ready under canvas in the harbor basin of Estepona, as agreed with the British guy, whom I share my way with. It's about 14 miles to Gibraltar ... that's where I am heading to look around the corner. I leave the harbor before him as he disappears from my view. Just with a Genua, he is much slower than I am. I watch him rising. This hill in front of me, which I can see far away, is it an island? No, pretty soon I realize it's Gibraltar already. This city seems to stick to the hill like a flat thread. I approach higher. The outboard motor is on as I want to keep my speed to not waste any time in this silent morning. The bow wave rises and the water surface changes

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