My third adventure: Thoughts under canvas                                              click to enlarge 

Thoughts under canvas

A child starts its life with a fantastic basis. It is born without any expectations, yet it is constantly getting something. It is smiling at you, totally satisfied, and the result is exhilarating: It gets even more! During its life it learns to expect things. It takes things for granted; it draws comparisons and finally comes across something new in its feelings: discontentedness. This stair of feelings unfortunately is open-ended. On my trip to Marseille in 2008, I wrote in my journal: "I am a child travelling with a pure soul". Back then, I just had had an idea, just a slight feeling. Today I can describe it in words. For a few years I've been on my way back. I'm climbing down the stair. I'm looking for contentedness and its true secret. Contentedness does not arise, like we tend to think. It's rather right in front of you; you just need to reach for it. It is in every thought; in every step you take; it finds itself in every wrinkle of your
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