My third adventure: Bow thruster                                                              click to enlarge 

Bow thruster

30th May 2012 Marina di Nettuno / West coast of Italy

I'm off of the north, accompanied by a weak, but usable wind. The coast is straightforward and it allows sailing close by. By doing so, never let you eye off the horizon! In front of the coast, flax and small rocks are lurking, reaching even close to the water surface. After a while, you can smell it. I like whitecaps, but not when they appear at the same range in a very short time span. The water surface is like a map. Their colors and their reaction show you the way. I've learned a lot so far and I need to learn much more :-)
12 miles in front of Nettuno, suddenly loud noises appear ... like a thunder… which is strange, as the sky is clear and blue. My trip continues with the visibility of the sea ground. I'm sailing close by an upstream cape ... and I'm gaining speed. The noises are getting louder and more constant ... what could that be? My God ... :-). I turn around

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