My third adventure: Panic                                                                       click to enlarge 


Imagine you are 4000 kilometers away from home and have lost your purse just at the beginning of a three-week-holiday. Everything's gone: money, ID-card, security card. You start to feel warm and cold alternately, as you are penniless all of a sudden and the water tickles down your body.
Stay calm, sit down and smile, because that's when your holiday will really start. Your personal adventure is about to begin. It's your story that you will never ever forget for the rest of your life.
I admit it won't be easy. But what on earth is easy nowadays? The fact is that our lifetime is like a short glimpse in the universe's eternity. So, what to do now? Will you bury your head in the sand? In that case, three weeks of your life would be gone. Including all traumatic after-effects that those three weeks of sudden senseless time could sum up to one and a half years of wasted life time easily.
Just turn the tables. Regard yourself as a camera that has a broken lens. The

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Melancholy and emotions