My third adventure: Cape de la Hague                                                       click to enlarge 

Cape de la Hague

Sunday, 30th June 2013, Dielette

From everywhere across Europe people warn me of this cape via facebook and email - nevertheless there is no way avoiding it. I have to stay calm and wait for my moment, as always. But I know, as quiet and calm it may get: around this cape the flow may speed up to ten knots and then water can boil. Its twister is gigantic and I have to expect everything. Two years ago a sailor has lost his 35 foot yacht at this place at 3 Beaufort. It was just one wave just one wave!
"Don't get too close to it" is what some people tell me. "Try to never have wind against the flow", others tell e. It's a tense situation for me. To the outside, I'm a happy-go-lucky sort of fellow - always relaxed. But my inner is different. I know the power I have.
I spent the third night in row in the upper floor of the toilet house. Nobody complained about this and I had some privacy and a roof above my head. The bad weather is

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Suddenly the water was gone