My third adventure: 5000 sea miles                                                          click to enlarge 

5000 sea miles

. . . that's what this boat now already has managed. I'm a bit proud of the way it did all those distance. I didn't care of it very good… neither of myself!

A hard morning
Saturday, 23rd of June of June 2012 / a lonely bay in front of Roses, Spain

They have warned me of the fast winds around here and this challenging area that should last until I've reached Barcelona. I met a nice German family in the bay this evening, while I was landing. After this incident, I'm alone again. After I woke up, I can feel a stronger wind off-shore. The water movement is creeping more closely towards my bay. This is a clear sign. The wind must have gained a lot of power. The wind doesn't stay overnight very often. Especially it's not gaining speed in the morning.
I don't spend much time packing and decide to move on . . . well, at least until I arrive

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Some peace again