My third adventure: Puke                                                                         click to enlarge 


A not very desirable breakout of mind in the morning after a night full of presumption? One might think so
There's a Bulgary family winking at the beach. I yell into the engine room: "Full speed back!" "Give me a cigarette, or I shoot you all down" I shout to the family. After that, we sat for a long time in the evening, ate, drank and laughed a lot. When I saw the number of beer bottles standing under the table at my arrival and the father introduced himself as "Puke", I could hardly hide my laughter. Together, we tried to go fishing. Kotzi gave me a clong, which is a kind of an instrument to allure catfish. Thank you so much!
"Be careful" many of you told me. There are a lot of "gipsys" in Romany. I slept at many places, where I really had to be careful, but nevertheless I could also find a highlight in those moments. Two fishermen passed me
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