My third adventure: Only five people                                                       click to enlarge 

Only five people

There would be no more than five people in Europe who would be able to make my way like I do - that's what they told me. Even if this statement sets me apart as someone special in a kind gesture, I don't know how to deal with this. For me, I'm just a kid that's marching. I wake up in the morning and wait to watch myself moving during the day - filled with new impressions and wild energy that's mixed with trust. Someone, who is still learning to see himself and all the rest in a more intensive way. A man, who can think clearly in a professional way, but also is very childish, planning loads of crab. By the way, I'm studying the power and magnetism that this kind of philosophy accompanies. This power is breaking today, 28th of August 2012, for the first time. I'm in Ria de Aveiro at the Atlantic Coast and even someone like me can be left helpless one time or another. This morning is rainy and I can't move forward, as there is too little sight. Nils and Torge are sitting beside me, as soon as I close my eyes… I can feel the warmth and coziness of their bedrooms and can watch the rain

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The mist at Portugal's coast