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To Nils

This update is dedicated to you, my dear son, and it is just for you. Today, it is already the third birthday that you have to do without me. "How can he possibly do this???" many of you might ask. But just a few people recognize the silence behind the scenes. Just a few people can see our senses strengthening for each other. Just a few people know that we can live on this for a lifetime. I'm really looking forward to all the things that we will share together and I know it will be much more intense than it would have been without my experiences. I love you very much and hope you have a great day with our family, which is so special.                             Papale

The second part of a journey begins that started to be an adventure, yet it seems to grow so much more than just an adventure.

I'm coming back to Taranto on April 22nd with mixed feelings. Feelings about the filled

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Brand-new sailcloth