My third adventure: Sea funeral                                                              click to enlarge 

Sea funeral

It was probably one of the hardest moments in my life, when my deeply loved gigantic salami, which a butcher gabe me in Kehlheim, sank in the Donau River slowly. I caught myself watching for it over and over again, even though it disappeared quite a time ago. I tried to save it for days, I even removed the mould several times, but finally the heat on board found its first victim.
The mould decomposed the sausage casings (I guess it was a natural one) and fell over my possession merciless. The mourners were Rolf (harbor master), his grandchild and myself. We remained silent for a minute… it was still so young, fresh and delicious!
Well now… I'm currently on Donau River and it's already less than 2000 km to the Black Sea! Growing up at the North Sea Coast, I've always been thinking, a tour on the river would be some kind of tour for old
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