My third adventure: T 800                                                                      click to enlarge 

T 800

Those of you who know the Terminator films by Arnold Schwarzenegger, knows what I'm talking about. Here they are! On Wednesday, 14th September 2011, I arrived at N 38.26.515, E 026.21.532. At this point, there is a bay at an island that seems to be empty. It is located in front of the Turkish coast - something went wrong with the electricity of my GPS. I soon found out, that - genius as I am - I could also have wrapped up the cutout switch into cotton "waterproof". Luckily, it worked that long! The sun was very hot on this late afternoon; the material could dry very fast. I cleaned it all with mineral water, removed the corrosion and could build two new contact plates for the cutout. Therefore, I used a copper wire I found at the beach. Everything was fine again. I texted my Mom: "You don't need to come over to pick me up!"
My sleeping place was, as usual, arranged very fast. I felt relaxation,
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