My third adventure: Koray...                                                                   click to enlarge 

Koray . . .

Koray is not only just the first name of a former good friend of mine back from living in Stuttgart. No, this name is much more. I don't even think of him, as it is a feeling that lives inside me.

Probably it is this fact that is relevant for the moment and this feeling at the early afternoon of 25th of August, when I can see the Turkish border and a shining red flag through my glasses. I'm 1.5 miles in front of the Bulgary Coast of the Black Sea. I'm thinking "Ah! Finally!" Supported by familiar feelings as well as the streaming, I practically get pulled into the Bosporus. This is the first time during this trip that I can feel something like pride. It is indescribable to have crossed the Black Sea with this boat of mine and enter this nice, thin connection to Istanbul at 4 Beaufort. The city came faster than I thought it would be possible only yesterday.
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