My third adventure: Returning                                                                    click to enlarge 


May 24th 2013, Tönning-Laredo

Things never happen like I've imagined them to do so. They always turn out to be even more, even better. Terrific! My friend Leif accompanied me to Laredo to help me get settled down there. He couldn't have offered a better service, as being a sailing eye specialist, he is able to think economically, exactly, and seems to move with his eyes. If you would try to find both of us as accessories on a yacht, he would definitely be the navigation system and I would be hardly found as a spare part in an engine room filled with smoke among empty bottles of beer. But beware of energizing both of us at the same time and pushing the Enter-button!
Our flight to Spain continues without any incidents - apart from the 6mm ring bolt that wants to leave our backboard airfoil just before the departure at Hamburg airport. Of

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more impressive lookout