My third adventure: Europe                                                                     click to enlarge 


Carino (pronounce Carinjo), North of Spain, 20th September 2012

When I finally arrive in this bay at September 18th, I probably went through the worst 17 miles you can imagine. I saw the water out there, like I've never seen it before. The degree of its waves was impressive, yet dangerous in different levels. To fight against it was bad… to turn around was too dangerous. Like a wild guy, I sat very calm and worked with every wave. The wind pressure rose, while the power of my outboard motor fell. "Just 8 miles to go Andreas… your boat can do this!" Reaching three knots, this little box moves through a sea, which could frighten also a 50 feet yacht. With a height of up to 600 meters, these cliff lines don't hold any possibility for an escape. My bag filled with grapefruits slowly draws to a close. One of it jumps right towards me "You want me to eat you? ... Fine with me!" I smile silently about myself, thinking of

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The mist at Portugal's coast