My third adventure: Vicente Window                                                       click to enlarge 

Vicente Window

Cabo Sao Vicente in the South of Portugal is legendary. The way it separates the safe west/north-west course from the hard north-wind is astonishing. It's a famous and striking place for sailors all over the world that can make you relax or break you. I've surrounded a lot of capes and noticed that every single one has its own rules, even if it's a small one. This cape is a royal one, concerning breakers and their hastening. Andre is a 22 year old Portuguese, a "local" as he calls himself and I better listen to him. He is young, but is he clueless? Or without any feelings?

I am at his beach day by day and I can't miss the fact that he rules every tool that relates to the water perfectly. "This is Cabo Sao Vicente ... the world's end and God has never been there" he says. Though he smiles in those moments, I can still hear the depth and enough respect in the sound of his voice. This guy knows, what he's talking about and so Sabrina and me have been waiting for about one and a half week for this moment so far.

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