Resumption Scheduling

date of start for my tour. Despite that wish, I could not make it possible. The more dangerous the situation is you are in, the more important is the peace before the event. That assumes an exact and detailed planning. This time it is not enough to finish even the last knit line, it is also my mind and a lot of engineering that has to be ready for the tour. I will start in 2011, as soon as the weather allows. I will use time left to remove any possible entrapments, though the project already is better than I've ever dreamt of. Six months of working with synthetic and aluminum lie behind me. I take my hat off every big project of well-known adventurers. They make my work seem to be quite small and now I finally understand their effort concerning their preparations a little better. Six months of work and a lot of talking with people who have been investing in me and my dreams lie behind me. They supported me, because they are keen on new stories, just as I am. In 2008 I wanted to prove myself sympathy, self confidence, kindness and trust and could succeed in an extraordinary way. Everybody I met was like a mirror to me! So what could possibly happen or thwart me in 2011? The Baltic Sea? The Vistula? The boat's bow? The fact, that I should have a visa in Belarus? The Belorussian? The Ukrainian? Romanian or Bulgarian? Surviving the wideness in this area without one cent? The peril of the Black Sea? Will I finally be able to eat an original Italian pizza? Will the Spanish galley cook my goose? Maybe it will be the Bay of Biscay that ends my dream, like it has with many sailors before. This is just a short choice of questions I keep thinking about. But there's one thought that can't be destroyed by anything: The thought of returning to my home port in Tönning.

Am I afraid? I don't really know…. It's rather respect I guess… I feel like I am up to do a math exam that I have not prepared for.