Shortly away . . . .

Shortly away . . .

..."approximately for three to four days", I told my family, as my interests in constructing and adventures forced me to try it in the traffic. Tent, sleeping bag and cookware were packed, my children- surely thankful for documenting my time of leaving at five a.m.- and there I went off. Ninety minutes later I was back again- the steering column was broken!! Unimpressed, humorous and flexible I again took breath of my garage's air, but I think I've never stopped dealing with that trauma as I'm always checking the knit lines.

One morning later and then it began: A dreamtour on three wheels!
In the beginning you feel like something exotic, important and proud, cause you normally don't meet a sailing vehicle on asphalt ( by the way this is only possible if you let the others pass, are able to sail and make the others join this excitement). Time after time myself was put into the background. On the one hand I enjoyed the tour, but on the other hand the trouble around me. I've never experienced such excitement, openness and kindness from my fellow countrymen who are normally known as "emotionless".Cars followed me only for taking a photo, one to two times a day I had some nice conversation on the roadside, I cooked cofffee for an old lady crossing my way on the bike path, people invited me to sleep in their gardens, their homes and holiday flats-for free!!! People were occupiing me like I can't describe it. If you are able to get people's trust and happiness with only one smile and this extraordinary vehicle, then this was the centre of this journey.

When I returned after 22 days and 800 km around Northern Germany and newspapers, magazines, radio and TV reported about it, I was sure that this has just been the first trip.

There he was: The asphalt sailer, the pedalled sailer, the optimist's tricycle, the sailing bike and: the one that drives with the wind!