Skagen - Marseille: Getting started Major map with roughly route


a trip Im still up to. A great term for a distance,
daunting with every day its getting closer after
all I decided to sail off without a cent in my pocket
for the 3000 km the line takes on the road.
Every day that passes to 23th of June, I seem to
enjoy all the common, ordinary and understood
things more and more. At that Monday I will be
standing up there in Skagen and bang both of
my hands on the asphalt and finally hit
the sea. I m so looking forward to!!!
Those of you who are interested have
the possibility to attend this trip on
my homepage. An extensive
reporting and hopefully some
amazing pictures will be
online in connection with
the tour.
Beforehand you can take
a look at the individual
stages which I will send
from the boat at home
as far as possible.

Until then, with warm greetings

Andreas Gabriel

Google map
Listing of the individual stages hopefully everything will turn out good!
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