The legends begins . . .

Autumn - sailing boat off the water - pulling a long face!
The basis for a good idea

…just another idea of which I had about 5000 a week? No (smiling), not this time-I was concerned. "Come on guys, we just get 2 bikes from the junkdealer" and this was how it started. Did you ever watch a nine year old welding, while the eleven year old is burning the hairs of your leg with an angle grinder ? Heart-rending, I tell you. For sure it bothered,and yeah we welded to cut he same point two minutes later, but at some point I stopped recognizing the last situation po-faced and certainly we sometimes stood in front of this whole damn thing and concidered to take it to the street hoping someone would take it. But was was growing in this very tidy garage(at this point I please you to feel some irony) , was pure innovation, we agreed on. Fourty angle-grinder discs and hundert and fifty thoughts- and working hours more, it stood in front of us. Ever seen a proud dad? I felt like crying.

When we were seen for the first time driving along the city, we had, as I think, just avoided a compulsory hospitalisation, but sometimes it is helpful if you don't feel ashamed. For sure, one might have done the first tests even by wind forces of 2 or 3! But 7 seemed much better concerning this adventure!!! When we had just passed the first intermediate-range missile (our vehicle ran like lightning just from the beginning), angle grinder and welding equipment again came into operation- perhaps it is like that building a prototype.

Between those moments in the beginning and the technical standard of today lay two years full of wonderful moments and experiences- and the most wonderful thing is:

it's not the end.....